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Water - 3rd Flag

Green Schools

Water Flag - June 2013.

We recently received our third flag following a year of hard work by our pupils who were guided by Ms. Downey and Ms. O'Neil. Below are some details about conserving water as we have been doing so in Scoil Ide.

Most schools pay little, if any, attention to the amount of water they consume. However, implementing a few simple ideas for conserving water can dramatically reduce the annual water consumption per student within the school.

We can start towards a more water efficient set up in the school by carrying out a water survey to help highlight where changes can and should be made:

1. Usage:

Is there a water meter in your school? Can you calculate the average water consumption per day/week/ month/year? (and per student?) Does water consumption vary at different times of the year? Why? Where is the water used? How many taps/toilets/radiators etc. are present in the school?If there is no meter in the school, can you estimate the quantity of water used? (Number of times toilets flushed per day, usage of taps, etc.)

Some further research on water usage in the school and surrounding communities could include the following:

2. Source:

Where does your school water come from? (i.e. mains/group scheme/well) Perhaps a survey could be carried out as to where the water comes from in the students homes. How is water treated before it reaches the school? Can the local water treatment plant be visited / contacted to find out more?

3. Wastewater:

Where does your waste water go?How is this waste water treated before it enters the waste water cycle? What is the quality of water in your local river/stream/pond?

There is a danger of looking at water in schools in isolation from the process by which it is obtained and recycled. Students should also understand where the school’s water comes from before it gets into the system and where it goes once it’s been used. Visits to facilities such as reservoirs, water supply, and waste water treatment works can also be very worthwhile.

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