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Feast Day of St. Ita

On the 15th January every year,  we celebrate the feast day of St. Ita. St, Ita is the Patron Saint of our school and our school is named after her. To celebrare this special day, Ms. O'Brien organised, a prayer service in the halla for all classes from JI-6th class.
During this prayer service we sang hymns, listened to the story of St.Ita (read by 5th class) and offered up some prayers to God and St.Ita (these were led by 6th class).

Prayer to Naomh Íde:

Lord, you give us food to strengthen us,
and clothes to keep us warm
Help us to follow the example of St. Ita
by praying every day
and by helping others
We ask this through Christ the Lord,

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