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Scoil Íde is a Presentation Girls' Primary School with boys in the junior classes, We are a Catholic School, founded in 1969. We are located on New Road in Clondalkin village approximately 12km from Dublin city centre. Have a look through our website to learn more about our school.

We are closed for the summer.
School reopens on Thursday 31st August at 8.50am.

Booklists for September available here.

5th Green Flag!
Well done to all the children in Scoil Íde for gaining their 5th Green School Flag. This flag was awarded for the great work in Scoil Íde regarding 'Biodiversity'. Biodiversity is the fifth Green-Schools theme and looks at steps which can be taken to increase awareness of the importance of native plants, animals and habitats, and to increase species-richness in a locality.A special congrations to Ms. Downey and the committee.
On Friday June 23rd we had a variety concert in the hall to mark the achievement, followed by the raising of the flag. We were all then treated to green ice creams to mark the hard work.


Sam MaGuire.
The pupils and staff of Scoil Íde were all delighted to welcome the Sam Maguire to the school last week accompanied by members of Round Towers GAA club.
It was a sea of blue as the whole school went out to the hall to cheer and celebrate the success of the Dublin Football Team.

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Intercultural Day April 2017

On Wednesday 5th April we celebrated our second Intercultural Day in Scoil Íde. Scoil Íde is comprised of children that have links with over 30 different countries around the world. We celebrated the richness of diversity that is in our school through song, dance, poetry, art and project work. We sang the song 'What A Wonderful World' as our school has many links all over the world making our school so wonderful!
More pictures can be viewed here.

Annual School Walk.
We all set off on our annual walk on Wednesday 5th October. 1st to 6th class walked to Corkagh Park and took in the beautiful views. We even had time to stop in the playground on our way back. The infants trekked down around the convent.
For pictures of our walk click here.
Thanks to everyone who sent in sponsorship. Every little helps!

Bí Gnóthach.
By Hailey and Orla.

This year we participated in the Bí Gnóthach project sponsored by the Local Enterprise Office with South Dublin County Council. We made Candy Cane Reindeer, Reindeer food, Pine Cone Reindeer decorations and Pine Cone Christmas Decorations. We sold them all on the 16 th of December during a ‘Sale Day’ to all the classes and the teachers. On the 21st of December we sold them after the Junior Infants Play to the parents and grandparents. It took lots of work to organise and make all the things. We had to do our marketing, make posters and fliers to advertise, we had to come up with a ‘jingle’ for the intercom and we had to make all of the products. It was really hard work but we had good fun, and we had lots of happy customers :o) We are not sure of the exact figure yet but we know we made about €400 profit. We have to check our receipts and pay our bills and then we will know for sure!! We also have to decide what to spend the money on!!!! We will keep you updated! A special thanks to the Parents Association for sponsoring us €100 to help us get started, and to the mammies and teachers for helping us with the hot glue gun!!!

Click here to see more pictures.


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