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Challenge to Change

Challange to Change 2009-2010
Education Matters

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Our project in 2009-2010 was based on education around the world. We were looking at the various education systems and issues that arise in education globally. Our goal was to raise awareness that education is a basic human right that every child should have an opportunity.

Our Project Set Out To
- Explore playground games in other continents
- Compare and contrast education in Ireland with education in other countries
- Learn phrases/games/songs from other countries
- Examine the work of NGOs in relation to education
- Research gender equality more aware of education matters around the world

Target Group
The whole school from Infants to Sixth Class took part in the project.

Actions Undertaken
- European teachers from Portugal, Italy, and Estonia visited the school to teach the Infant Classes some playground games from their countries and helped compare their schools with Irish schools
- Compared and contrasted Kenyan, Indian and Irish schools
- Examined and learned songs and activities from around the world
- Looked at typical schools days in different countries
- Explored the Declaration of Human Rights and in particular the right to education
- Researched and designed projects on the work of NGOs
- Organised a petition on the right to education and collected over 1,000 names
- Coordinated a Hats for Haiti day where we raised 374 to help rebuild schools in Haiti
- Examined gender equality in countries around the world and specifically the role that girls play in education
- Artwork, drama and projects carried out in a number of classes based on Education Matters

What Worked Well
- Positive attitude of the children
- Petition in local community
- Dance presentation to display the imbalance in educational opportunities in education around the world
- Slideshow incorporating activities in all classes
- Project work in the classes
- Hats for Haiti fashion show

Linkage formed
- Concern workshop on gender equality
- Information packs and leaflets form Trócaire, UNICEF and GOAL
- International teachers from Estonia, Italy and Portugal visited the school
- International parents from our school taught activities such as songa and greeting to children in our school
- Local newspapers

Positive Impact and Outcomes
- The children have a better understanding of Education Matters around the world
- Children are more thankful for the opportunities they have in education here
- Children want to change the unfairness
- Local community is more informed of educational issues
- The children are very sympathetic to girls in other countries who do not have the same opportunities as themselves
- International children are very proud to teach the school community about education in their countries

Over To The Students!
"On the 13th May I went to Kilkenny to the Challenge to Change seminar. It was a great experience and I learned lots of things e.g. some children have no education parts of the world. Our school did a really big project. All the classes did something different and we put it all together for Kilkenny. Fifth Class made a big petition that we all signed to say that every child in the world should have a right to education. When I came home from Kilkenny it made me think a lot about all the things I had learned at the stands. We are really lucky here to have all the opportunities we have!" Melissa
"I was really lucky to be chosen to go to the Challenge to Change seminar this year as everyone wanted to go. We did a really cool dance to open the seminar that showed how we could bring colour and opportunity into the lives of children in other countries if the whole world changed their attitudes and worked together. I thought the stands were amazing in some countries are not allowed to go to school! I did a drum performance on stage and it was a lot of fun too. Challenge to Change is a great project!" Rebecca
"We had a great time at the Challenge to Change seminar in Kilkenny. We were part of the opening act so we felt very special! We learned lots of interesting facts doing the project in class and we are very lucky to have this opportunity. We thought the workshops were great fun too!" Lauryn and Kate

The project was a huge success with the whole school coming together to look at Education Matters around the world. Everyone had great fun at our Hats for Haiti fashion show which was a great way to get the local community involved also. The children have a better understanding of gender equality and now have a greater sense of appreciation of the education they receive in our school.
Challenge to Change has once again brought injustices to our attention and we hope that as a small community we can challenge ourselves to change!
Co-ordinator: Audrey Dempsey

A Challenge Thought........
"In Tanzania , enrolment in primary school increased from 59% to almost 100% between 2000 and 2007 , while the number of girls receiving secondary education increased by 20% between 2008 and 2009."

......Does this Change your Thinking......?


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